Oren Moverman Penning Brian Wilson Biopic

No, this is not about the San Francisco Giants relief pitcher.

Oren Moverman, Oscar-nominated writer of "The Messenger," has signed on to pen a biopic about Brian Wilson, the genius behind the Beach Boys, reported Deadline. We'll guess it'll end up being called "God Only Knows."

Wilson essentially was the Beach Boys, almost singlehandedly crafting "Pet Sounds," one of the most groundbreaking albums in rock history, basically going insane trying to match it with the follow-up "Smile," an album that would take 37 years to complete.

Aside from the music and the genius, there was his maniacally controlling father, his Charles Manson-befriending brother, the depression, the drug use, the Svengali-like Dr. Eugene Landy who basically turned him into a humans puppet--there's plenty to work with here, folks.

Matt Dillon gave one of his better performances playing a Wilson-inspired songwriter in Alison Anders film "Grace of My Heart," which starred Illeana Douglas as a Carole King-like songwriter. Watching him sit at a piano set inside a giant sandbox in his dining room is really something.

Moverman's next film, "Rampart," is based on the real-life exploits of a notoriously corrupt division of the LAPD that ran wild across the city in the '90s, starring Woody Harrelson, Ben Foster and Ice Cube.

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