One Very Big Reason Why Women Love “Iron Man 2”

We know Tony Stark is a man's man, but Paramount execs were thrilled to find out he's got plenty of appeal with ladies based on the female-friendly numbers this weekend during the massive haul for "Iron Man 2."

Much of the $133.6 million came from females, and particularly moms on Mother's Day.

“You can’t make a statistic like that up,” Paramount distribution executive Dan Harris told “You would expect such numbers from a film like 'Sex and the City 2.' ”

Translation: this wasn't just the male comic book crowd. Some of them actually found dates who wanted to go. And women just went on their own.

"Iron Man 2" has sex appeal that provided a big tent and allowed swooning for stars on screen. And as much as you put it on the likes of Sam Rockwell or Mickey Rourke -- both solid performers in the movie and certainly charming in their own way -- the credit really lies with the impish smile of Robert Downey Jr.

He's believable enough to pull the guys into the likes of "Sherlock Holmes" where he had to bare-knuckle box convincingly. Likewise his Iron Man shows serious heart for the women even if he has a bum ticker. Downey was firing on every one of his charm cylinders in this vehicle and the women are rightfully flocking.

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