Officials Identify New Paris Attack Suspect, Possible Abdeslam Accomplice

Authorities on Monday named another suspect with alleged ties to the Paris terror attacks and appealed for the public's help in tracking him down, NBC News reported.

Last week's arrest of Salah Abdeslam — suspected plotter and aborted suicide attacker — in Brussels, Belgium, was viewed as a potentially massive intelligence opportunity to glean insight into ISIS.

Abdeslam spent four months on-the-run as authorities across Europe sought his capture — along with a man who went under the alias of Soufiane Kayal and was traveling with him on a fake Belgian identity card.

Belgium's federal prosecutor said Monday that Kayal's real identity had been established as Najim Laachraoui, 24.

Laachraoui's DNA was been found at an address in Brussels raided by police last week, the prosecutor's office added, and appealed for the public's help in tracking the suspect down.

The new appeal comes as Abdeslam, 26, remains in custody in Belgium.

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