NC School District Proposes Ban on Skinny Jeans to Combat Bullying

Many voiced their disapproval of the plan

Getty Images/PhotoAlto

A North Carolina school district is proposing to ban skinny jeans and tight leggings after a student was bullied for wearing them, according to NBC's "Today" show. 

New Hanover County Schools tweeted the policy document last week: "No leggings, "skinny jeans" or other excessively tight fitting pants unless covered by a top or dress to the appropriate length. (The length of the top or dress shall cover the posterior area in its entirety.)"

Chris Furner, who has a daughter in the district, told "Today": "It doesn't make sense that we're gonna try, you know, to use this as a tool to solve the bullying problem."

Outside of the school, many took to Twitter to voice their disapproval of the plan. One user said, "Dear @NewHanoverCoSch, if "bigger" girls are getting bullied because of their tight pants, ban the bullies, not the pants. #policy8520."

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