Nic Cage Will Have Only a Few Hours to Find the Cab With His Daughter Locked in the Trunk

Ever since his profligate spending habits and disinterest in paying taxes caught up with him last year, Nicholas Cage has been saying yes to seemingly every script that hits his airspace.

"Medallion" is just the latest film to catch Cage's eye, reports Heat Vision. Cage will play a former master thief with only a couple of hours to find his daughter, who's been kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a cab.

The film was written by former Us Weekly writer David Guggenheim, who was able to leave his old job after selling his script "Safe House," which is soon to be Denzel Washington/Ryan Reynolds thriller about a young CIA agent who must protect a prisoner from some baddies.

Directing will be Simon West, with whom Cage worked on the regrettable "Con Air." Here's hoping the reunion goes better than their first collaboration.

Cage can next be seen Jan. 7, 2011, in "Season of the Witch," about a deserter from the Knights Templar who agrees to transport a witch to her trial in return for a full pardon, and then again Feb. 25, in "Drive Angry 3D," about a guy who seeks revenge on his daughter's killer.

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