Peacocks, Prostitutes Found in Mexico Prison

Official says he has no idea how the women and birds got into prison

During a surpise search in a Mexico prison early Monday, authorities found two peacocks, 100 fighting cocks, 19 prostitutes, 100 plasma TVs and two sacks filled with mariujuana.

Police from the Mexican resort city of Acapulco found six women living in the male quarters of the prison, the same area where the peacocks were found, the BBC reports.

The Associated Press reports that Acapulco police also found several bottles of alcohol and knives.

Guerrero state spokesman Aruturo Martinez said he had no clue how that women, birds and other banned objects got into the prison.

But "luxury" cells in Mexican prisons aren't completely unheard of. In July, prisoners in Sonora, a northern Mexican state, were caught raffling off a decked-out cell fitted with an air conditioner, refridgerator and DVD player, the BBC reports.

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