YouTube Rolls Out Channel With Year's Most Watched Videos

In the case that you happened to miss a big music video or other important cultural event from the past year, YouTube has it covered.

The popular media site is rolling out a special retrospective channel called Rewind to highlight some of the most memorable performances and biggest stars of the past year, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Canadian teen singer Justin Bieber dominated the list of most-watched music videos, scoring four clips in the top ten with his massive single "Baby" topping the charts. Eminem scored two top ten clips with "Love the Way You Lie," his best-selling single with Rihanna, and "Not Afraid." Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" and "Telephone" with Beyonce also ended in the top ten.

But though Bieber can lay claim to the most-watched video of all time with "Baby," which has over 400 million views, Gaga can thank her Little Monsters for making her the most-watched artist in the site's history, with over 1 billion views to her name.

But the web channel won't just highlight famed international pop stars. The year's most watched clip belongs to Antoine Dobson, an Alabama man whose rant over his sister's near sexual assult picked up 61 million views. Greyson Chance, a 13-year-old who came to the attention of Ellen DeGeneres after seeing his YouTube cover of Gaga's "Paparazzi," has racked up over 33 million views and another highly watched clip came from Key of Awesome, a comedy troupe that parodied Ke$ha's "Tik Tok."

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