“We Will Carry On”: Teams Scour Seas for Missing Jet

A fleet of search planes and ships set out on the southern Indian Ocean on Saturday, two weeks after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished en route to Beijing and three days after Australian satellite images sparked a hope that maybe the missing jet's debris had been spotted. The search jets began taking off Saturday morning Australia time to keep scouring a more than 22,000-square-mile swath of one of the remotest areas of the Indian Ocean, a choppy and windy area about 1,400 off the coast of Australia. The objects seen in the satellite images still haven't been found in the ocean, and investigators are hoping to narrow their search area to something more manageable. Australia's Deputy Prime Minister, Warren Truss said that satellite imagery was still “the most promising lead that's available” to investigators – but he cautioned that the objects could turn out to be ocean junk. As the search joins teams from disparate countries across the globe, the U.S. has spent more than $2.5 million on the hunt already and according to NBC News, NASA has joined the search effort as well.

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