Lady GaGa Gets Anderson Cooper Too Tipsy to Interview

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Like any good reporter, Anderson Cooper is good at getting people to relax and open up, but Lady GaGa may have bested the CNN newsman.

At the end of a "60 Minutes" interview, the international pop icon went drinking with Cooper and got him tipsy.

"We actually ended up that day in a pub in London drinking Jameson, which I don't really drink," the anchor told The Insider. "So she got me to drink, like, two of them. And by the end, I was ready to have the interview be over, because I really sort of couldn't ask anymore questions."

Cooper sounds a bit like a lightweight, but he's definitely a "Little Monster." The hour-long show isn't slated to air until Grammy night 2011, but the journalist is already gushing about the Grammy-winning singer.

"She's obviously a fascinating person," he told The Insider.

The high-profile drinking buddies got together on a few occasions for the Q & A, and Cooper added that the show was a great way to get to know the headline-making performer.

"What's great about '60 Minutes' is you spend a lot of time with the person you're profiling. So to be able to spend a couple of weekends with [Lady GaGa] in various paces over the course of several months, it's really cool. And it's really interesting…I'm learning stuff about her I never saw before."

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