Elvis Presley's Tomb to Be Auctioned

The bidding on Presley's tomb will start at $100,000.

Want to be laid to rest like a king? 

The tomb that Elvis Presley was originally buried in following his death in 1977 will go up for sale on June 23.

Located about five miles from Graceland, where the King's remains are now, the opening bid for the tomb will be $100,000. The winner of the auction will also be able to open and close the tomb for a burial service and will receive a memorialization inscription.

Although this was the initial place where Presley was laid to rest, his body was moved to Graceland two months later. A statue which commemorates his brief stay at the tomb is the only hint that Presley was ever there. Darren Julien, who is running the auction for his Beverly Hills-based Julien's Auction House doesn't think that will affect the sale of the crypt.

"I just consider that if you're an ultimate fan of Elvis Presley, it's an opportunity. It's definitely a conversation piece," Julien told The New York Times.  Only one person can say, 'Hey, I'm going to be buried where Elvis Presley was.'"

Other items on sale during Julien's two-day auction include Chinese ceramic dogs owned by Meat Loaf, a robe owned by Amy Winehouse and a signed cigerette packet signed by the Beatles.

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