Taliban Bomb Hits NATO Headquarters in Kabul

At least seven killed, 91 wounded in blast

A massive explosion set off by the Taliban hit near the NATO headquarters in Kabul Saturday morning, disturbing the Afghan capital's relative peace less than a week before Afghan elections for presidential councils.

"The target was the U.S. embassy, but we could not reach it," Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujhahid told Reuters of the blast, a suicide car bomb set off in the city center.

At least seven were killed and at least 91 were wounded in the blast -- including bloodied Afghan children, according to Afghan Ministry of Defense spokesman Mohammad Zahir Azimi.

Reporters couldn't gain immediate access to the restricted area as security swarmed into the area, where a plume of smoke rose after the hit. U.S. military spokeswoman Capt. Elizabeth Mathias told the AP that the explosion hit near NATO's main gate and that the area is restricted.

Read more: The Associated Press, MSNBC, Reuters

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