Montana Fishburne: I Lost My Virginity and Found My Dream

Dad Laurence can't like hearing this stuff

Memo to Montana Fishburne: You're not making your Dad feel any better.

The wayward daughter of the "Matrix" star Laurence Fishburne sought yet again to explain her liberating decision to dive into the porn business, and it can't be what any father wants to hear. The 18-year-old made a sex tape because, well, she just loves sex and really, really wants to be a porn star.

"I think it was just wanting to explore sexuality," she told E! News. "Cause I know it's such a big world I was just like, wow, well since I like sex ... I wanted to see everything that I would like, every kind of fantasy I would like and porn is a way that I could explore that."

She's done a lot of exploring since her initial foray in to the bedroom, which wasn't so long ago, by the way.

"I'd say about 16," she told E! "I lost my virginity and the whole sexual world sparked my interest."

Laurence Fishburne hasn't spoken publicly about his daughter's career choice. But she said she spoke to her mom, Hajna Moss-Fishburne, who she swears was supportive, somewhat.

"She loves me and is concerned and worried about me," she told TMZ. "She wants me to be ok and wants whatever is best for me."

Fishburne may be a pro now, but she she said stories on the Internet claiming she was busted for allegedly prostituting herself last year were the result of a paperwork snafu. She told E! her arresting office made a mistake when he meant to mark the box for tresspassing. Fishburne pleaded no contest in the case and entered a work-alternative program.

Fishburne's adult video debut, aptly titled "Montana Fishburne," is being released by Vivid Entertainment later this month.

"The only thing I wish I could take away is the pain that it will give my family. I wish it didn't hurt them, but besides that, I'm thrilled," she told E!

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