Lindsay Lohan Tweets About Pregnancy

Has Lindsay Lohan hopped on the pregnancy train--or did she board the April Fools' Day bandwagon?

The headline-grabbing starlet left her Twitter followers wide-eyed--all 5.7 million of them--after she posted a tweet that had everyone wondering whether she was the latest celeb to pull a prank on netizens.

"Its official. Pregnant...," the 26-year-old star tweeted early Tuesday morning.

The brisk missive, of course, had fans calling her bluff, with several reaming her out for what they thought was a very much delayed April Fools' Day joke. (The tweet was posted at 1:30 a.m. ET/10.30 p.m. PT)

If it is indeed a prank, then she's already been beaten to the punch.

On Monday, Sharon Osbourne had everyone on The Talk fooled when she concocted an elaborate story that she and Ozzy Osbourne were expecting a child after she underwent in vitro fertilization, leading to tears and hugs...and a big "gotcha!" that left everyone smarting.

Lohan, who recently avoided a colossal wardrobe malfunction while in Brazil to promote clothing line John John Denim and was originally scheduled to fly back to the U.S. yesterday, pulled a last-minute travel switcheroo and decided to stay in the South American country "against everyone's advice," a source tells E! News.

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