Jennifer Aniston May Go Topless in Upcoming Flick

Her character also enjoys drugs and threesomes, according to one report

Jennifer Aniston is clearly in good shape for a woman of any age -- let alone a 41 year old. Just how good, we may soon find out.

Aniston's co-star in next year's Judd Apatow-produced comedy "Wanderlust," Malin Ackerman, let it slip at yesterday's People's Choice Awards nominee ceremony that Aniston likely plays a nudist in the film.

"Wanderlust" is about a married couple (Aniston and Paul Rudd) who confuse a hippie commune for a B&B, at which point -- all together now! -- hi-jinx ensues. And yes, by hi-jinx we mean peyote-imbibing and bed-hopping, mostly.

When asked by "Us" magazine about the odds of a naked Aniston appearing in the picture, Ackerman demurred: "There's a very big maybe. One of the cast members is a nudist -- I am not the nudist!"

While Ackerman equivocated on the issue, the British press, as you might guess, has been less uncertain. In August the "Daily Mail" ran a story with the headline: "Jennifer Aniston Hoping to Relight Her Box Office Credentials With New Topless Film Role."

The piece went on to report that Aniston's character "also indulges in a threesome with two other women, sleeps around with numerous men and takes drugs."

If true, the role signals a considerable departure for the actress who has built her career on playing sexy but wholesome girls-next-door. But audiences may be growing weary of such characters. Aniston's last film, a rom-com with an unfortunate promotional poster called "The Switch," generated only $42 million at the global box office.

For Rachel Green, er Jennifer Aniston, it could be the right time for a change.

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