Groupon Pokes Fun at Amazon Delivery Drones

Company revealed its own "modern" strategy for package delivery.

groupon catapult

Some companies are looking for ways to expedite package delivery, Groupon included.

Their strategy? Kick it old school.

The company posted a video joking about the "catapult" system it uses to deliver packages. The "announcement" comes after Amazon revealed that it's testing delivery drones for a possible 2015 launch. Packages would supposedly arrive 30 minutes after completing any order.

While Groupon appreciates such advances, its employees believe there's really something to be said for medieval technology.

"That guy [King Arthur] knew something about keeping precious cargo safe," Groupon catapult expert Everett Weiss said.

You can learn more about Groupon's incredible package delivery system in the video above or click here.

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