Caught on Camera: Fleeing Car Knocks Girl, 8, Off Her Scooter

An 8-year-old western Pennsylvania girl is recovering after a driver fleeing police sent a parked car careening into her as she rode her scooter, in a horrifying crash caught on surveillance video.

But even as Cassidy Wall recovers, that video still upsets her, she says.

"When I saw the video, every time I thought about it, I started crying," she said. "It hurted my feelings, and I didn’t like what I saw."

"I fell and flew in the air, and I landed on my head," Cassidy told NBC affiliate WICU.

Cassidy and her 5-year-old sister Zmyiah were playing out front of their home near the corner of East 29th and German Streets in Erie, Pennsylvania, on May 9 when a police pursuit zoomed past.

The fleeing vehicle struck a parked car -- flinging it up onto the sidewalk, where the Cassidy was riding her scooter.

"The car crashed… then she (Cassidy) got hit," Zmyiah -- who was heading down the front steps at the time of the crash and was able to avoid being hit -- told WICU. "She flew all the way up in the sky and fell on her head."

Despite the violent impact, Cassidy only suffered a concussion and was back up  a few days later.

Police eventually caught up to the men they say were in the car at the time, arresting suspected driver Angello Moore and passenger Brandon Carlson.

Moore, 18, was sent to county jail, unable to post $125,000 bail. He faces 22 counts, including fleeing police, aggravated assault by vehicle, reckless endangerment, drug possession and related charges, according to court documents.

Carlson, 18, faces firearm and marijuana charges. He remains jailed, unable to post $20,000 bail, according to online court records.

Surveillance video released earlier this week shows Cassidy being rammed by the out-of-control car.

"I was terrified... I still [am] terrified," Cassidy's father Delorean Wall told WICU. "As a father, you don't want that to happen to your children. It's crazy."

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