Rex Lee of “Entourage” Will Miss Ari's Abuse as the Series Ends

Soon enough, superagent Ari Gold won’t be bellowing “Llooooooyd!” through the hallways of Miller-Gold. Much to the dismay of “Entourage’s” Rex Lee.

The enduring HBO hit will begin shooting its final season early next year, and Lee tells PopcornBiz he’ll miss the abuse dished out on the assistant-turned-agent by co-star Jeremy Piven’s character.

“I have mixed emotions,” he says. “I'm excited and completely petrified about the fact that the next chapter of my life is about to begin, because this chapter was pretty awesome.”

Still, he’s holding out for a happy ending for Ari’s oft-put-upon “Gaysian” right-hand-man. If Lee could write Lloyd’s TV swansong?

“I think that from the beginning until now you've seen Lloyd just be really, really ambitious and trying to get ahead in the world and I think that his goal was to sort of rule Hollywood in the way that he thinks Ari has. I'd like to see Lloyd achieve some major success that shows that he's really on that road.”

Lee’s still in the dark on details about the series’ endgame, but one online rumor is definitely not to his liking. “I’ll tell you one thing going around that I hope isn’t true: Vince drops out of Hollywood, moves to the desert and becomes a hermit. If that happens, I don’t think there’s room for my character! I’d be out of a job, so I absolutely hope that doesn’t happen.”

Still, he has his fingers crossed that HBO will send Vince, Eric, Drama, Turtle, Ari and Lloyd to the big screen a la its earlier sensation “Sex and the City.”

“There's talk about it,” he says. “I'm not really in the know. I think it'll happen but I don't have the power to make it happen just because I hope it happens.”

Lee has been a fan photo op favorite whenever he makes his Hollywood rounds, and says he cherishes his “Entourage” experience. “I grew up feeling like an outsider, and being on a show that people really liked made me feel a tiny bit like an insider. That was a good feeling and I'll miss that.”

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