Emma Watson Departs From Brown University

"Harry Potter’"s Emma Watson is going back to school this fall, but it won’t be at Brown University, The Associated Press reported.

Watson will be transferring from Brown to another university, said spokeswoman Vanessa Davies, who did not mention which school that is. She dispelled reports that Watson was “bullied out” of the institution and said that she “has absolutely loved her time at Brown."

The actress recently went on hiatus from Brown to concentrate on her film career.

In an interview with Parade magazine back in November, Watson described her experience at Brown: “Being at Brown has totally taken me out of my comfort zone. I'm so proud that I went to a different country to study and really spread my wings. “

She further added: “The amazing thing is that everyone here is interested in their own lives, so they aren't nosy about mine. I'm used to people being intrusive and gossipy, but I can be anonymous. My best friend at Brown has never seen a Harry Potter movie or read the books. And one guy I dated didn't know anything about the films, much less that I was one of the stars, which I found hilarious.”

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