“Elvis & Nixon” to Star Bana & Houston

The meeting between Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon is among the more bizarre intersections of pop culture and politics. The King probably high as a kite, the Crook desperate for some good press. Now this legendary moment is finally being made into a film.

Eric Bana has signed on to play Elvis, and Danny Houston is in talks to play Nixon in "Elvis & Nixon," which will be the directorial debut of Cary "Dread Pirate Roberts" Elwes, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Elwes wrote the script with Joey and Hanala Sagal, the former being the brother of actress Katey Sagal.

In 1970, Presley wrote Nixon a six-page letter in which he requested a meeting and a badge from Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs as a symbol of his commitment to keeping the kids of America drug-free. Oh, the irony... In return, the King presented Nixon with a Colt 45.

While Bana seems a strange choice for Presley, we can see Houston doing a brilliant Nixon, though Frank Langella's take on the man has set the bar pretty high.

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