Dwayne Johnson's “Faster” Trailer a Clinic in Vengeance

We were a bit embarrassed back in July by how much we enjoyed the teaser for Dwayne Johnson's upcoming festival of violence, "Faster." Well we just watched the full-length red-band trailer and we're all in.

It's loaded with macho stupidity and rage, as well as senseless violence, unchecked vigilantism and '70s-era anger blended with '80s era cruelty. But there's just something satisfying about watching The Rock stomp around with a hand-cannon, dispensing his own special brand of justice.

warning: graphic violence

Few men have managed their film careers quite as poorly as The Rock, who, after a decade or so as one of the most popular pro wrestlers in the world, started off with a remake of "Walking Tall," which was a dud, but made sense. Yet suddenly he started a run of bit parts and family fare that was no good for anybody. "Faster" is the kind of movie The Rock should've been making for the past decade, not "The Tooth Fairy."

Could "Faster" turn out to be an epic s***-storm? Absolutely. We may not find time for this in the theater, but you can be sure that some night when the wife is out of town we'll be dialing this up on-demand.

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