Dongles Bring Mobile DTV to Smartphones and Laptops

Along with 3D, 2010 will be the year for mobile digital TV.

Several companies are showing off Mobile DTV gear including Samsung's pimped out Mobile DTV Moment smartphone (beta test begins in Washington, D.C., in March) and Philips portable DVD player with a built-in Mobile DTV tuner (PET-749, April, $180).

But you'll likely get Mobile DTV on your smartphone or laptop via a dongle or portable receiver before the integrated devices hit the market.

For instance, a company called Tivit will start selling a WiFi Mobile DTV connectivity device that sends signal to iPhones, BlackBerrys and laptops of any kind via WiFi in March for around $100.

You'll need to load the appropriate free app on your device, which supplies your local channel guide. The receiver/transmitter, which'll come in several colors, has a 15 meter range and runs for 3.5 hours when not jacked into AC.

Several companies are readying dongle receivers, although no one was ready to talk about availability or pricing. Dongles turn your laptop into a digital television and could be the most popular Mobile DTV product.

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