Donald Trump

Democrats Are Already Campaigning for 2020 — and So Is Trump

"You're going to see him all over the place," said one backer of Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden will be one of about two dozen Democrats — members of Congress, governors, mayors and celebrities — considering a run for the White House in 2020, NBC News reported.

Biden, 75, has plans to fundraise and campaign for the midterm elections, even getting involved in state-level races where his party has a chance to take control of a legislative chamber.

"You're going to see him all over the place," said Greg Schultz, executive director of Biden's American Possibilities PAC.

Jockeying in the invisible Democratic primary is about to get intense, but President Donald Trump has already been testing out campaign themes at events, telling a crowd in Florida last month that the next election will come down to the stock market's performance.

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