Open Wide: ‘A Cure for Wellness' Cast, Director Reveal Set Secrets

"A Cure for Wellness" opens Friday, Feb. 17th and marks director Gore Verbinski's first film since 2013's Johnny Depp vehicle "The Lone Ranger," which was not received well by fans or critics.

Verbanksi, known for crafting blockbuster films like the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy, returns to his horror roots with this visually stylish thriller set in the Swiss Alps. It stars Dane DeHaan, who's sent to a remote spa to fetch his company's CEO. He soon becomes suspicious of the spa's many mysteries and supposed healing waters.

NBC caught up with the director, who also helmed 2002's horror classic "The Ring," as well as stars DeHaan and Jason Isaacs as they revealed nothing is quite as it seems in the film.

CEOs have repeatedly professed to be more confident than ever, yet there is a remarkable divergence between what they have been saying and what they are actually doing in practice, The New York Times reports.
While it wouldn't be surprising if the S&P 500 remained relatively calm through coming weeks, the Nasdaq 100 could see some more big moves.
President Trump met with Fed Chair Janet Yellen and National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn, according to the Wall Street Journal, citing sources.
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