3 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Medical Practitioner

Trust your doctor but also question them

Doctor Terry Dubrow of Oxygen's "License to Kill" shares the 3 things you need to know when choosing a medical provider.

1. Is that provider board certified in the specialty that they are practicing on you? 

You can check for board certification online, in the particular specialty. For example, Dubrow is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. You can go to the American Board of Plastic Surgery to see whether he is a credentialed, certified plastic surgeon. Whatever specialty it is: internal medicine, oncology, pediatrics, make sure they're board certified.

2. Are they in good standing with the medical board?

You can google your local medical board.

3. Talk to the other doctors and the nurses that work with them

Other doctors and nurses outside of their office that know them from the hospital or the surgery center that they may work at, can tell you very quickly what their reputation is like.

The biggest mistake people make is just trusting the doctor.

"Typically people see the white coat and take the advice without questioning it," Dubrow said.

Trust, but question.

"If there's any question about what you're experiencing or feeling, get a second opinion or a third opinion."

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