Bill Belichick Will Tell YOU When Randy Moss Is Unhappy

The wideout feels unwanted. His coach says he doesn't feel that way. Awwww, so sweet.

UNICEF via Getty Images

If you’re a Vikings fan or Raiders fan, you know all about those charming times in Randy Moss’ career where he felt unloved and played accordingly. Moss is one of the best receivers in NFL history. But when he’s down in the dumps, he’s always more than happy to drag you down with him.

That hasn’t been the case in New England, where Moss has been a consummate pro and turned out excellent years, even in 2008 when Tom Brady was gone with a destroyed knee. Fans in Foxboro have yet to get a glimpse at a truly unhappy and lackadaisical Moss. Which is why I suppose it was only a matter of time before the wideout decided to tell CBS that he felt ”unwanted” by the Patriots.

"I am taking that in stride and playing my final year out and whatever the future holds is what it holds, but it is kind of a bad feeling — feeling not wanted."

Keep in mind that Moss plays for Bill Belichick, who in his personal history has never made ANYONE feel wanted on any level. It’s not Belichick’s way to send you a spa gift certificate and make you feel like part of something bigger, or anything flowery like that. Belichick expects you to do your job, then he expects you to take it like a man when he cruelly cuts you right before camp.

Belichick has handled this little mini-crisis in his typical manner, by saying it didn’t happen.

"He didn’t say that to me. I’d just say, on Randy, he’s professional and had a good training camp. He’s played very well since he’s been here. He’s played at a very high level. I hope that continues. He’s brought a lot of passion for the game since he’s been here. He’s well liked. He’s well respected on the team."

And that’s about as wanted as Belichick is liable to make anyone feel. Makes you warm and fuzzy just reading it, doesn’t it? Doesn’t sound like a form letter at all!

Moss is probably just talking to talk, or angling for a new contract he knows Belichick will never give him at his age. He’s likely to suck it up and go through this year as productive as ever.

But, should Moss decide he’s more than simply dissatisfied, I can tell you he has a knack for making that unhappiness manifest itself in how he plays. He may take a play off. He may decide to not block. He may decide to spend the second half of a game playing Uno in the center of the field. For three years, Belichick has skillfully kept Bad Randy at bay. Maybe four years is too much to ask.

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