‘America's Got Talent' Contestant Dies From Md. Car Crash Before Audition Airs

An "America's Got Talent" contestant died as a result of a car accident before his audition could make it to the air, reported.

Brandon Rogers, a 29-year-old doctor popular on Instagram for his vocal covers, was involved in a car crash in Maryland Saturday and died in the hospital Sunday.

One of Rogers' most-viewed posts was of him signing the Boyz II Men ballad "On Bended Knee," which won him an invite from the group to perform with them in Las Vegas earlier this year.

"Just a genuinely nice person and a really good singer! Gone too young and gone too soon. It hurts to know that the world will never have a chance to witness what his impact on the world could have been as a Doctor and even on the music world," the group said in an Instagram post.

A spokesperson for "America's Got Talent" told TODAY, "We are deeply saddened by the tragic passing of Dr. Brandon Rogers, who graced the 'America’s Got Talent' stage as a contestant. Our thoughts are with his family."

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