Montgomery County Teens Help Seniors Through Shopping

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A group of teens in Montgomery County banded together to help their community by going on shopping trips to make sure senior citizens stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Montgomery Blair High School student Dhruv Pai organized a group called Teens Helping Seniors: a crew that goes shopping at various stores picking up food and medicine for homebound seniors.

“By creating such an organization we’ve been able to dispel a lot of myths about teens in the crisis,” Pai said.

Pai got the idea for his organization in March when he started to run errands for his at-risk grandparents, who were stuck at home.

“Then I started thinking, what about those people who don't have family to rely on during these troubling times? How are they gonna cope with this crisis?” Pai said.

So far the group has made 160 deliveries and has more than 100 volunteers helping people every day.

“Now we’ve shown that not all teens don't care. Not all teens are apathetic, because there's still a spirit of altruism in our younger generations,” Pai said.

The Teens Helping Seniors organization has gained nationwide traction with chapters already starting in upstate New York, on the West Coast and in Canada.

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