Women Fight to Get Money Back From Dating Service

Several women who had second thoughts about or were dissatisfied with a dating service tried to cancel, but the service wouldn’t let them out of their contracts.

Shelina said she paid $7,000 to sign up with DC Singles, a dating service that uses a "comprehensive search process" to help "thousands of singles find love," according to its website. Within hours, she regretted her decision and immediately called the company to cancel but was told it was non-refundable.

”There’s no way I can believe that if you have not started service on me that I cannot cancel my contract,” she said.

NBC4 Responds learned there many complaints similar to hers with the attorney general’s offices in Virginia and D.C.

Theresa said she paid $3,000 to DC Singles and tried to cancel hours after signing the contract but was told it was too late.

DC Singles’ contract discloses the fee is "non-refundable," however both women said no service was performed because they canceled the same day they signed up.

Although neither attorney general's office would confirm whether or not there's an investigation into DC Singles, D.C.’s consumer affairs office said it's always a red flag when it sees a pattern of complaints with any business.

“If we see a pattern or practice of consumers that feel like they're not being dealt with fairly, then the attorney general is always concerned,” said Philip Ziperman, director of consumer protection at the D.C. Attorney General’s Office.

Two other DC Singles customers who filed complaints said they paid thousands of dollars and gave the service a try but said the company fell short and didn't match its criteria as promised. Both asked for refunds and were denied.

NBC4 Responds found the owner of DC Singles runs similar dating services nationwide with numerous complaints of dissatisfied customers.

The company said it makes no guarantees of a match that meets all the criteria and it will, if warranted, provide a refund, although it has no legal obligation to do so.

After carefully reviewing the circumstances involving each of the four women who spoke with NBC4 Responds, the company resolved each of their complaints for a total of more than $14,000.

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