Woman Shoves 76-Year-Old Man to Ground, Kidnaps Granddaughter: Police

A woman attacked a 76-year-old man and kidnapped his granddaughter Monday evening in Bethesda, Maryland, police say.

The man was looking after his 4-year-old granddaughter and had just taken her to dinner before 7 p.m. The girl was holding his hand as they walked along Woodmont Avenue near Norfolk Avenue when the man was shoved from behind by 39-year-old Yashica Terry, police said.

Terry then took the girl into a store and hid her behind racks of clothing, police said.

The man landed on his face, and responding officers found his face covered in blood, police said.

They went into the store and got the girl back, police said.

Terry told police she thought the vibes between the man and the girl were off.

The man suffered a broken nose, a dislocated right arm and a knee injury, police said. The girl wasn’t harmed.

Terry is being held without bond.

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