Police Find Mother Who Called 911 on Son Murdered

Sherriff: Suspect was covered in blood

New details are emerging about a woman who was found fatally stabbed inside her home, and about her son now charged in her death.

Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Deputies at 5:42 a.m. were called to the 10900 block of South Lamont Court, in the Salem Fields area, after the victim told authorities her son had a knife.

When they arrived, 18-year-old Matthew Robertson met them at the front door, his upper body covered in blood, said Spotsylvania County Sherriff’s Lt. Col. Michael S. Timm.

Robertson was arrested, but refused to respond to their demands or questions.

Inside the home investigators found Robertson’s mother, 61-year-old Susan Robertson, suffering from multiple stab wounds. She had a faint pulse, and a deputy preformed CPR before rescue crews arrived. She was taken to Mary Washington Hospital where she was pronounced dead at 7 a.m., said Timm.

Authorities also found Robertson’s sister, his father, and a 16-year-old male friend of Robertson’s, inside the home.

The father appeared to be suffering from a blow to the head, was incoherent and was unable to provide investigators with much information at the scene, Timm said.

Robertson’s sister, who locked herself into a bathroom during the incident, told investigators she awoke to a large thud, then heard at least two voices talking, and then heard her mother scream “no, no!”

Robertson’s friend told authorities he had been using drugs, “possibly acid,” prior to sheriff’s authorities being called to the scene.

Robertson was also taken to a local hospital and was treated for multiple wounds.  He was expected to be released from the hospital, and now faces charges of second degree murder, malicious wounding, and with use of a knife to stab, cut or wound.

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