Northern Virginia

Virginia Woman Accused of Stealing Identities to Get Jobs With Access to Prescriptions

A Northern Virginia woman stole identities to get jobs in medical offices to get prescription drugs, authorities said.

Jamie Jo Clarke stole her own sister’s identity to get a job at the National Sports Medicine Institute in Loudoun County in 2016, authorities said.

She worked scheduling appointments but also used a doctor’s name to fill prescriptions for Xanax at a CVS, authorities said.

She was fired and faced multiple charges.

“It is unusual in that she took someone else’s identity and then got a job in a medical office,” Loudoun County Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Nicole Wittman said. “I’ve not personally seen anyone go to that length.”

Clarke pleaded guilty last year, but when her sentencing came in December, she was a no show.

Then in Fairfax County, she did it again.

According to court documents, she used another woman’s name to get a job at another doctor’s office. She is accused of writing prescriptions again.

Among the items police seized from her apartment were lots of pill bottles.

Wittman said prescription fraud is a big problem.

“In terms of the efforts people go to to get these substances, it’s a pretty steady and constant diet that we get of it here in the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office and in the courthouse,” she said.

Clarke is being held without bond.

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