Wizards Get First Win

Nine games into the season, the Wizards finally got their first win against Toronto. The win was much needed and the road to get there was pretty ugly.

There were cringe worthy airballs and alleged fights with coaches. There was Flip Saunders getting ejected and 30 cent tickets.  Andray Blatche goaltending a free throw. JaVale campaigning for All-Star votes while his team sat winless.

None of that mattered after last night’s win. A win that, even against one of the worst teams in the league, was celebrated as though it were the win of the year.

“It was like a playoff game. I felt like jumping in the stands,” said Nick Young after the game.

Young was so excited that he gave out candy to his teammates. A “game changer” coin was given out and Trevor Booker collected on a bet for not biting on any pump fakes.

One victory and the locker room turns into a kid’s birthday party. Does win number two come with ice cream cake and a Ted Leonsis piñata?

The team gets 24 hours to bask as winners before facing the 9-2 Chicago Bulls on Wednesday. But even in glory, the Wizards haven’t earned total respect.

Meh. Close enough.

And of course there’s always didthewizardswinlastnight.com, who keeps it all in perspective.

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