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Woman Arrested at White House 3 Times in a Week Motivated by Recent Fence Jumper Successes

A woman arrested at the White House three times in a week wanted a meeting with the president and said she was motivated by other recent successful fence jumpers, according to court documents.

Marci Anderson Wahl, 38, of Everett, Washington, scaled a fence at the Treasury Building next to the White House about 2:15 a.m. Sunday, setting off an alarm, according to court documents. She was arrested in possession of a stay away order and map of the area she was told to avoid after an incident earlier in the week.

She was charged with unlawful entry and contempt of court.

Wahl was first arrested Tuesday after her shoelaces got entangled at the top of the White House fence as she attempted to jump it, leaving her suspended inside the fence, authorities said.

U.S. Secret Service officers helped her down and arrested her.

She was carrying a floor plan of the interior of the White House and a letter for President Donald Trump and said other fence jumpers motivated her to jump the fence and talk to the president.

She was charged with unlawful entry and released under the written condition she stay away from the area, and she was provided with a map showing the boundaries, according to court documents.


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Wahl was arrested again Friday after officers saw her near Lafayette Park across from the White House about 8:40 a.m. She said she lost track of where she was while she was on her way to court for a urinalysis appointment, according to court documents.

She was charged with contempt of court again and released on her own recognizance again with another stay away order after a Saturday court appearance.

After her arrest Sunday, Wahl said, "I feel like I am supposed to be here right now," according to court documents. She said she intends to stay in D.C. until she feels bored and will contact her state senator to schedule a meeting with the president.

Wahl appeared in court again Monday and pleaded not guilty to contempt of court charges. A judge ordered her to remain in jail until a hearing April 3.

She will appear in federal court Tuesday on the unlawful entry charges.

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