Wet Storm System Sweeping in Changes

Cold temperatures following the precipitation

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Say goodbye to spring time in November - a storm system sweeping north from Atlanta is ushering in the cold.

The wide-ranging storm, which spanned the length of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine on Tuesday morning, has a near 100 percent chance of dropping rain this afternoon.

News4's Tom Kierein says the storm is not strong, but it is wide, and will bring some needed rainfall to the metropolitan region, which has been drier than normal for November.

The storm dropped some sprinkles overnight Monday locally, and actually brought accumulating snow to Memphis, TN before sunrise.

Rain will start up in the D.C. metro region late in the morning, and will pick up into the afternoon.  Precipitation will taper through the evening and let up by midnight.

Flooding is not expected to be a threat, but the big change on the way is the temperature.  Tom Kierein says that dawn temperatures will be in the 30's on Wednesday, a big change from the mild weather of the past two weeks.

Those cold temperatures will linger into the weekend, so it might be time to find those warm socks.

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