Weighing Voting Rights v. Gun Restrictions

DC Council talks compromise in stalemate over guns

WASHINGTON -- D.C. Council members are considering a possible compromise for the stalled congressional voting rights bill if the House insists on changing the city's gun laws.

A House vote on adding a D.C. seat in Congress has been postponed indefinitely over an amendment to repeal the city's gun restrictions. D.C. Council members have been debating whether to withdraw their support for the voting rights bill over the issue.

Now, some city lawmakers are floating the idea of adopting gun laws similar to those in Maryland as a compromise.

Council member Mary Cheh said she could live with Maryland's gun control laws but would rather not have to drop the laws crafted for D.C.

D.C. has a right to be represented in Congress and shouldn't have to "kneel down" to pressure from the gun lobby, Cheh said.

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