WATCH: Virginia Man Slips All the Way Down Driveway in Black Ice Viral Video

An Ashburn, Virginia man's commute went wrong the moment he stepped onto his driveway ... and took an accidental ice skating trip to his mailbox.

Tim Besecker, was caught on a home surveillance camera when he took one step onto a black driveway and slipped.

Tim nearly slid into an impromptu, accidental lunge but managed to save himself from a full tumble. At first. 

He pushed himself back onto two feet, but his trip wasn't over. Holding his suit jacket and bag in one flailing hand, Tim shakily slipped several yards down the driveway. Then, he crash-landed at the mailbox.

The video shows Tim getting right back up after his Olympic-level performance. 

Tim's wife, Kelly Besecker, posted the video Tuesday and it quickly went viral. As of Wednesday afternoon, it had been viewed 27 million times on Facebook.

We warned you: black ice is dangerous!

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