Doug Kammerer

It’s About to Get Warmer! Friday’s High Temperature is 62 Degrees

After days of frigid, wintry weather that slowed life along the East Coast, it's about to feel like springtime in D.C.

But don’t put those coats away too fast! Although far from the wind chill advisory and single-digit temperatures from this past weekend, you'll likely see some chilly days ahead of a warm Friday.

During this time of the year, Storm Team4 says temperatures typically stay in the low 40s, but this week, temperatures will be slightly above normal. Temperatures are expected to reach above 60 degrees on Friday.

Tuesday will be mostly sunny with temperatures moving into the mid- and upper 40s. The warming trend will continue for the rest of the week, as temperatures are expected to stay above freezing.

Temperatures are expected to reach a high in the mid-40s Wednesday. Then, temperatures will rise Thursday to the mid- and upper 50s with a chance of rain.

Most of that rain will fall overnight into Friday. You'll likely wake up to wet sidewalks and roads. Despite cloudy skies all day, rain will likely hold off until later in the night.

The best part, though, will be those temperatures. Friday's expected high is 62 degrees, and even a low of 50 degrees might feel balmy after last week.

It's a good chance to get out and enjoy D.C. again before some colder weather returns next week. Below, check out our interactive map of places to enjoy spring-like weather during the winter.

The warm temperatures may cause some ice to melt, so take extra precautions if you're one of the bold people who have been walking or skating on D.C.'s waters. However, Storm Team4's Doug Kammerer says you'll most likely still see ice on waterways.

Overnight Friday and into Saturday, Storm Team4 says you'll likely see rain before temperatures drop. That may be good news in disguise, however. Precipitation has been historically low this season, creating a threat of drought.

Keep your puffy coat out for next week, as Sunday will bring temperatures in the high 20s to mid 30s. Monday is expected to stay below freezing.

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