Ward on the Street: Hearing From D.C. Voters

A video series by American University students

On Tuesday, voters in D.C. will choose the Democratic candidate for D.C. mayor.

In preparation, we asked American University students to hit the streets to find out which issues are most important to D.C. voters. They produced this series of videos, called "Ward on the Street."

Click on the videos below to hear what issues matter in your neighborhood. And if you need to find your polling place, click here.

Our thanks to Sarah Menke-Fish, assistant professor at American University, for her help -- and thanks to the students who conducted these interviews all over the District.

Ward 1

Ward 2

Ward 2, part 2

Ward 3

Ward 3, part 2

Ward 4

Ward 6

Ward 6, part 2

Ward 7

Ward 8

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