Volunteer Firefighters Rescue Kitten Trapped in Hospital Parking Garage

Nurse followed kitten's cries

trapped cat at doctors community hospital
Prince George's County Fire Department

The volunteer crew of the Prince George’s Fire Department Ambulance 899 rescued a trapped kitten from a parking garage Wednesday night.

After taking a patient to the Doctors Community Hospital in Lanham, Maryland, crew members Janet DeMerritt and Rajah Rose overheard hospital staff members discussing a kitten stuck in between a concrete support beam and a concrete wall. The small feline was held up by a single piece of metal rebar preventing it from falling several feet, according to fire spokesman Mark Brady.

When DeMerritt and Rose arrived at the parking garage, they saw a nurse who had followed the kitten’s cry for help. The nurse could not reach the confined space in which the kitten was trapped and was relieved to see the two volunteer firefighters, according to the fire department.

DeMerritt reached into the small opening while Rose maneuvered a small rigid arm splint underneath the kitten. After readjusting and calming the scared kitten, the duo was able to lower the animal to safety.

One of the hospital staff members volunteered to take the kitten home.

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