Virginia Woman's Fence Needed Repainting After Just a Few Months

What to Know

  • In an email proposal, a contractor said it would sand, prime and paint the fence for $1,050.
  • A few months later, the paint was peeling and bubbling already.
  • After NBC4 Responds contacted the painter, he returned to repaint the fence.

Just months after a Virginia woman hired a painting company to spruce up her fence, it looked like it already needed another paint job.

Irene Kaznachey of Fairfax paid $1,050 cash for the fence to be painted in October. In an email proposal, the contractor said the price included sanding, priming and painting.

The job was completed in less than one day, Kaznachey said.

“They did the job,” she said. “They came when I wasn't home, so I don't know what they did, but the fence was painted.”

But a few months later, the paint began to peel and bubble.

Kaznachey said her emails and calls to the painter went unanswered.

“I tried for a couple of months and then I saw a segment on NBC4 and I saw you and I decided I need to try that. Why not?” she said. “That was my last resort. I would not go to lawyers and start all this nonsense.”

NBC4 Responds contacted the painting company owner, who contacted Kaznachey, apologized for ignoring her and said he was just very busy. A few days later, he returned to repaint her fence himself.

Although everything worked out in her favor, she said she learned two big lessons: An email proposal is not the same as a written and signed contract that spells out specifics, like warranties, and having paid in cash, she had no receipt to prove it.

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