Virginia Man Forced Son's Mother Into Car's Trunk, Left, Police Say

The suspect is accused of driving to near a landfill, forcing his child's mother into the trunk of his car and then leaving with their baby

Abubakar Sidikie Bundu mugshot
Prince William County Police Department

A Virginia man is charged with abduction after police say he forced the mother of his child into the trunk of his car and took off with their son.

Abubakar Sidikie Bundu, 27, was arrested Thursday after Prince William County Police say he abused his 1-year-old son's mother, including by knocking her down as she held the baby.

The woman, who police did not name, was able to escape with only minor injuries.

The 21-year-old woman told police that she and Bundu were arguing at his home in Woodbridge when he hit and kicked her. She was holding their son at the time, and both were knocked to the ground.

All three people left, got into Bundu’s car and drove south toward Dumfries. Bundu parked on Greentree Lane, near the Potomac Landfill.

He forced his baby's mother out of the car and into the trunk, police said. Then, he left on foot with the baby.

The woman was able to free herself from the trunk within minutes. Someone who was nearby called police, a department spokesman said.

Officers found Bundu and the baby nearby.

He was charged with abduction, domestic assault and battery, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He is being held without bond.

The mother and baby were reunited.

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