Virginia Lt. Governor Promotes Plan to Give Women Free IUDs

Virginia's lieutenant governor promoted a proposal on Thursday to provide free intrauterine devices (IUDs) and other contraceptive implants to low-income women and girls.

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam, who is running for governor, said the plan would save taxpayers money and sharply reduce the number of teen girls who seek abortions and give birth.

"It shouldn't be a partisan issue. We should all agree that the less unintended pregnancies that we have here in Virginia, the better. The less abortions that we have in Virginia, the better," he said at an appearance in Old Town Alexandria.

Northam said $9 million in federal funds will be part of Gov. Terry McAuliffe's proposed budget.

The plan already is being met with opposition. The idea was rejected last year by the GOP-controlled General Assembly.

Northam, who also is a doctor, said a similar program in Colorado reduced births among teens by 40 percent and abortions among teens by 42 percent.

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