Virginia Group Goes to Woman's Aid After Car Caught in Flash Flooding

A Virginia Facebook group went to a woman’s aid after flash flooding damaged her car Thursday evening.

Flash flooding damaged a few cars in a matter of seconds at Oak Street and Lee Highway in Fairfax.

“I was coming down the road, and it was dry, and then all of a sudden, boom,” said Flo Williamson. “And the engine died, and I couldn’t get out.”

Williamson broke down in tears, saying her insurance company won’t cover a flash flood.

“I can’t afford to buy a new one, and it’s 14 years old and it’s got 235,000 miles on it,” she told News4.

After seeing Williamson’s predicament on News4 at 5 p.m., Sam Shiref of the Real Ladies of Loudoun County drove over to find Williamson.

“We turned on the news, and I saw you guys on TV, and as soon as I saw you, I had to do something,” Shiref said.

The Real Ladies of Loudoun County is a Facebook group where women connect and support each other. The group gave Williamson $400 in cash and new clothes. They’re helping her raise money for a new car.

“That was just collected in less than an hour, so if that was done in less than an hour, I’m sure we can do wonders for you,” Shiref told Williamson.

Williamson is thankful for the help.

“It feels very good, but I’m still overwhelmed,” she said.

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