Virginia Governor Says He Could Bring Back Tougher Restrictions

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam speaks at a testing site in Chesapeake.

Virginia's governor said he could bring back tougher restrictions after the state reported more than 900 new coronavirus infections Friday, the highest daily total in more than a month.

Cases among people under the age of 30 are up 250 percent from May.

During a visit to a testing site in Chesapeake Friday afternoon, Gov. Ralph Northam said he's worried about the uptick.

“I will be continuing to follow this closely, and if those numbers continue to go up, if people continue to not follow our guidelines, then we will take measures to keep you and me safe,” he said.

Northam said all options are on the table, including modifications to the current phase three or moving back to phase two. The governor also addressed schools, saying he'd like students back in the classroom this fall, but if Virginia can't stay in phase three, the state can't move forward.

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