Vegas Shooting Victim Tina Frost Making Slow Recovery at Johns Hopkins

The father of a young Maryland native shot in the head during the Las Vegas masscre says she is recovering slowly -- but surely.

Tina Frost is making progress every day at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, her father Rich Frost told News4 on Wednesday.

"Milestones would be talking. Walking and talking and understanding things and some of these are happening slowly but surely," Rich Frost said.

The 27-year-old was shot as she attended the country music concert in Las Vegas where gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire. Her boyfriend carried her to the truck of a stranger, who rushed her to a hospital. A bullet lodged in her right eye, which doctors had to remove to save her life.

"Gun shots to the head -- five percent survive and three percent of them only have quality of life....and to go from that to where we are now is a miracle," Rich Frost said.

Frost took her first steps since the shooting on Oct. 1 and seemed to recognize friends and family members.

"Tina has a life ahead of her, and that's what we're fighting for," family friend Amy Klinger said earlier in the week.

Frost's doctors think she does not know what happened to her, Klinger said. The doctors think she won't have any memory of the shooting.

Frost was flown from Las Vegas to Johns Hopkins Hospital this weekend, not far from where she was raised in Anne Arundel County. Her specialists are amazed by what she can already do, Klinger said.

"She physically took a few steps, very assisted, but she moved her feet one in front of the other from a chair to her bed and back," she said.

Frost is not speaking, and it's too soon to know the extent of any brain damage she may have. She will undergo physical and cognitive therapy, as well as facial reconstruction surgery. Frost lost her right eye, but the vision in her other eye is perfect, Klinger said.

Frost's father, Rich Frost, made a surprise appearance last week at a fundraiser held for his daughter. He told News4 he's thankful for the outpouring of support for his family.

"We appreciate everything that everybody's doing for her, pulling for her and all the prayers that have come. It's helping. She's made great progress. She's making progress every hour," he said.

As of Monday evening, a GoFundMe page for Frost had raised more than $559,000 for Frost's medical care and other expenses. 

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