VDOT's Zigzagging for Safety

No sobriety tests necessary

No, there's no need to give the VDOT workers a Breathalyzer test. The lines are supposed to be that way.

VDOT is putting the zigzagging lines at two locations in Loudoun County to make sure motorists slow down at trail crossings.

The first lines were put down on April 13 where the Washington and Old Dominion Trail crosses Belmont Ridge Road. Lines will be added to Sterling Boulevard at the W&OD Trail on April 23, weather permitting.

“We’re constantly looking for new ways to alert drivers about pedestrians,” said Hari Sripathi, VDOT regional traffic engineer.

VDOT will monitor traffic speeds and driver behavior for a year. If successful in slowing down drivers, VDOT may add the bizarre markings as a more standard pedestrian safety measure.

The Federal Highway Administration approved the use for this test after seeing the successful use of these markings in the United Kingdom and Australia, according to VDOT.

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