University of Maryland Seismologists Investigate Mysterious Cheverly Booms

The seismology department at the University of Maryland is trying to help a Maryland town identify the source of mysterious, loud booms, which have been jolting residents from their sleep and damaging their homes for decades.

Cheverly resident Nikki Greco keeps track of the booms in a calendar. She described one as sounding like a Mack truck ramming into the house.

The booms caused cracks in her basement requiring a $50,000 loan to fix, she said.

Mayor Mike Callahan's been trying to figure it out ever since he took office.

“The booms are one of our amazing little mysteries that drive us closer together,” he said. “You know, every community has its lore, has its myths.”

For the Cheverly booms, there are many theories.

“I think the craziest one I've heard is the escape tunnel that's from Washington, D.C., and that they're building a highway underneath Cheverly,” Callahan said.

“I wonder about the underground digging, what's going on there,” Greco said.

They hope with the University of Maryland's help, they finally can solve this mystery.

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