Undercover Sting Busts Illegal Gas Station Gambling

The owner of a gas station in Brentwood, Md., probably isn't feeling as lucky as some of his customers have for a while now.

Friday morning, police officers seized eight unauthorized video slot machines from the Sunoco station at 38th Street and Rhode Island Avenue after running an undercover operation.

The bust caught many customers by surprise, as police stings tend to do. Some seemed unaware that the machines, which printed receipts that customers could exchange at the counter for cash, were not in fact legal.

While the slots may have seemed legit, the apparent source of the winnings was much more suspect. During the undercover operation, Brentwood's Police Chief David Risik said officers saw bags of cash being taken out at various times.

No arrests were made during Friday's raid, but the gas station was shut down for the day. Authorities contacted the gas station owner, who was out of town and could face an investigation, fines and charges.

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