Two Charged with Selling Untaxed Alcohol in Montgomery County

Deliveries were made from DC to Silver Spring in the middle of the night

A state investigation in Maryland alleges two people tried to sell alcohol illegally in Silver Spring. Police busted a scheme where the individuals tried to avoid Montgomery County taxes on booze.

Investigators received a tip that late night alcohol shipments were being made into a restaurant on Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Police said they witnessed a man unloading a van of alcohol in November. The investigation, obtained by News4, alleged the people making the delivery work for a DC liquor store. They are suspected of transporting about $60,000 worth of booze to the Balaggar Lounge.

Montgomery County Police Department
The Balagger Lounge received the deliveries of alcohol from DC.

Montgomery County regulates the distribution of liquor in the county and controls the taxes associated with the product. 

The two making the delivery face state criminal charges of selling untaxed liquor. If convicted, they could be sentenced to five years in prison for trying to circumvent the liquor tax. Their attorney said they did nothing wrong and they followed the law.  

County officials said Balagger Lounge surrendered its liquor license and closed its doors because of the allegations. It is unclear what will happen to the restaurant owners.

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