Fairfax County

Road Rage Incident Ends With Cars Crashing Into Fairfax Co. Motel

Two vehicles plowed into a Fairfax County motel in a road rage incident Thursday morning, police said. 

Police have not said how the road rage incident began, but the driver of a Dodge Durango, Gerald Denson, told News4 the other driver was the aggressor.

He said he was on the Richmond Highway near Duke Road when the driver of a Toyota Corolla, 50-year-old Elmar King, got upset with him for not letting him over.

"He'd been shooting me the bird, giving me the gun signal," Denson said.

King struck a Lexus while chasing Denson near the intersection of Fort Hunt Road, Fairfax County Police said.

The Corolla crashed into a room next to the lobby of the Budget Host Travelers Motel just after a maid finished cleaning it, while Denson struck a parked Honda, pushing it into another room.

The people in the vehicles suffered minor injuries, but no one was trapped. The four cars were damaged, police said. 

The motel also was damaged and had to shut down. The owner, Kennith Blunt, said he might have to close for good. 

"Forced retirement," he said. "It's a case of if you can't do business, then you're out of business."

Blunt built the motel in the 1950s. He's waiting on the county to determine the next step.

King is charged with aggressive driving.

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